Are You Curious about God? Have you noticed Him calling to You?

What makes one curious?   Are all people curious?  For most, our curiosity is piqued when we encounter something we can’t explain or wrap our minds around.  Our natural response is to either dismiss it or look deeper into the matter.  Perhaps curiosity is one of our best traits as human beings, aside from the ability to love.  The episode in the Bible about the burning bush is unique and always grips my attention.  Here we have Moses encountering a remarkable thing……a bush that was ablaze yet the fire was not consuming it.  In Exodus 3, we read of the burning bush event and Moses’ response, ” This is strange!” He said to himself. “I’ll go over and see why the bush isn’t burning up.”

God caused an event to awaken Moses’ curiosity. He initiated the conversation.  Moses wasn’t out looking for God, God showed up!  Even better is that God was also waiting for a response.  God wants us to see Him at work in our lives and wants us to respond.  The story continues: “When the Lord saw Moses coming near the bush, he called him by name.”   Friends, let’s think of this, God got Moses’ attention and when Moses finally got curious and looked God’s way, God again initiated contact and called out to Moses-by name.  Did you know God has not changed and is looking to get your attention so you will look His way.    Think of it, what events and circumstances have you faced or witnessed that led you to be inquisitive and question life?   Have you considered that perhaps the creator of the universe is trying to get your attention?  Do not dismiss the fact that God wants you to look His way so He can call you by name!

Can this happen today? Does God still call people in the same fashion?  Yes!  It might not be a burning bush but He certainly has been trying to get your attention.  One way He does this  is through  hearing the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  God sent Jesus into the world so you can know Him and truly live!   The rest of the story is that when God called Moses, Moses answered “Here I am.”  Today, its very simple God is calling you.  He wants you to follow Jesus.  Will you respond, “here I am Lord?”